Integrated burn function allows Ideonella Token to decrease it’s total supply thus increasing the price and allowing it to reach new highs.

Meme with point

Unlike other memes, Ideonella’s purpose is clear; To create a breaking point and reverse the state of pollution by large community movement.

BEP20 Token

Ideonella Token was built on the revolutionary Binance Smart Chain. Low transaction fees make it the perfect space for Ideonella.

The Mission

The primary goal of Ideonella is to raise awareness of environmental pollution and start a community movement towards a cleaner future.
Using the power of memes and blockchain, Ideonella hopes to motivate everyone to finally make a change.

Pollution is a problem for each one of us and turning a blind eye is not an option anymore. Be responsible and join the movement now!

Why Ideonella ?

Leading the charge

Ideonella will lead the charge towards clean future, it will be the revolution in community movement for a clean and green world !

Locked liquidity​

Liqudity will be locked until 28.6.2027 protecting your funds from rug pull scheme.

Pre-sale launch​

Ideonella Token will be launched on DxSale with an initial market cap of 1 000 000 $

Adjustable burn rate

Burn rate can be adjusted to minimize price volatility and ensure growth during any market situation.

How to participate



Pre-sale due to be scheduled !

Create a wallet

The most popular desktop wallet is Metamask. You can use Trust Wallet on mobile.

Add Binance Smart Chain network

To gain access to Ideonella Token, you have to connect your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain network in wallet settings.

Buy Binance Coin (BNB)

To participate in the pre-sale you need to have a Binance coin (BNB) in your wallet. You can buy BNB in any major exchange like Coinbase, Binance, Kucoin, or others. The minimum amount of BNB to participate in the pre-sale is going to be 0.025 BNB.

Transfer BNB

You need to have BNB to transfer it into your wallet. To achieve that you need to withdraw it from the exchange to your wallet. Make sure to use Binance Smart Chain as a transfer network!

Connect to DxSale

Get onto the pre-sale page that will be released during the first growth phase.

Connect your wallet to the website to access all features including participation.


Choose an amount you want to invest, press contribute button, and approve the transaction in your wallet.
   Minimum contribution amount: 0.025 BNB
   Maximum contribution amount: 10 BNB

After pre-sale

If the pre-sale went right, you can claim your Ideonella Tokens by pressing the claim tokens button.
To see the tokens in your wallet, you have to add a custom asset in your wallet settings.

Copy-paste this contract address into the custom asset field:

If the pre-sale did not reach the necessary capitalization, you can safely withdraw your BNB.